Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Start from The End

It is raining, and i love write something when raining. I feel good with the sound and smell of rain. And now, i want to write about “start from the end.” Let me explain it.

“Start from the end” is the chapter from Stephen R Covey’s book, the book named “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Okey, “start from the end” mean, before you do something, you must understand the functional what you do and how to do that. For example, imagine you are a house’s builder, and you want to build a house. What should you do first? YES! THINKING!

Think about the model of house will you build, the color of the house. If you can see clearly about detail the house, it makes the job easier. You will know what should you do, like how many I should buy bricks? Or how many I buy cans of paint?

You see that, if you begin “start from the end”, that will help you. Help you know what should you do. So, start from now, if you want to do something, please “start from the end”.. think about “for what” you do that?. Think about “is this really useful for me? Or just waste my time?”. Or,"What should i do to achieve that goal?”.


Hey, start from now, I will write my blog with English, I hope it will improve my English skill. I think that’s so important.. but, sometimes I will write with Indonesian, and still writing comedy like before. Hope you like it. =)