Saturday, January 31, 2009

My resolution in 2009!!!!!!!!!!

This is my resolutions in 2009; (read with carefully)
1. I want to enter “science direction” in the second graduate of senior high school.
2. I want my score are at least “7”.
3. I want to win YPK cup in February.
4. I want to win Bontang’s league.
5. I want to win DBL(deteksi basketball) at Samarinda, and go national.

Yeah, that’s all.. and I believe I can make my resolutions come true!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Think out of the box

I really love this philosophy, “think out of the box.” It changes my life. Before I use it, my life is bored, and sooo lazy. I’m serious. Then, after I use it, I feel something new in my life, I feel better than before… and I enjoy my life very much.

I get the philosophy when I read a novel. The novel’s name is “5cm.” it changes my life.

I remember this:

You must brave to leave your “comfort zone.” You must moving forward, and face the trouble, and solve it. You must believe that you can do everything, and you’re the best.

And this is a philosophy from plato, I love this philosophy very much:

You must leave your cave. You are too long enjoy your life in it. Whereas, if you out from your cave you will found a lot of beautiful things. You will found river, tree, mountain, etc. it mean you must leave your routine and do something new, because you will meet something better than you stay in your “cave.”

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YPK vs STM result…(great day or bad day?)

Yeah!! My team won basketball match against STM. The score is 43-23…

But, I sad, because my perform is poor… I just score 4points. And I also make a lot of turnovers. Sory coach, I’m bad.. in the next game I will improve my perform. I promise.

I was get an ankle injury.. it was very hurt. But I still believe I can play on 29 january 2009 against SMANSA. I must show my coach, that I proper to be YPK’s starting lineup!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My tips about NOVEL!! (novel’s lovers must read this!!)

Bring a novel or a story book to when you’re school is bad idea. Because it makes you hard to focus on teacher. That’s my experience…

This is the story:

I borrowed my friend’s novel at class. I think, I could not bored when the teacher teach you. In that’s day, I always read novel when “ppkn” lesson, and also when English lesson,.

When these lessons, I not focus on its. And I very very regret. I think not fair when I lost a lot of lesson, just for do not useful thing.

The novel’s title is “5cm”. I don’t know why the writer give “5cm” for the title. I will read the novel and know why the writer give “5cm” for the title… I will tell you when I finish the book.

The novel is about a friendship. My friend, who have this book said to me, “the book is very great. It is very inspiring. So, read it.” Yeah it’s true, when I read it, it is very fun, and full of philosophy. I love this book, because I love philosophy..

This is a main idea, please, don’t read novel when you are busy, or when you do something. Because when you do something, you must focus… do something with read something, I think it makes you get a poor result. Tips for all of you:
1. read novel at home! not school. Because school is the place to study!!
2. you must leave the novel at home, if you bring it to the school, it will be your problem. You will lost a lot of lessons…

Ok I think that’s all.. study, when you must study… and play when you must play,. Discipline is the key to success… you must remember it.

Tomorrow I will post my blog about my match against STM…(maybe) so, still open my blog.hehehe.

God Bless You All…

Sunday, January 25, 2009

YPK V STM????? I quit???

I love when my clock showing me it is 11:00 pm. Because it is my time for write something. I very love write. It is my hobby… and I want my hobby able to give me a lot of money. Hehehe.=p.

Now, I will tell you something, Monday, 26 January 2009, I will play basketball. And I will play against STM. It is not a league match or for cup. It is just friendly match.. No matter, i will beat STM.

I will play hard to win that game.

I have some friend at STM, they are Alan and Jaya. They are funny friend, and they are STM’s player. Although they my friend, I never give they chance to win. Because, we friend in off court, but if we play basketball, we will be a enemy..

One thing, I will tell you.. I quit from YPK-vice leader for YPK cup.. I quit because I’m not ready if next year I will be the leader for YPK cup. I just want play basketball, I don’t want if I play basketball and also be the leader of the cup..

Yeah, I don’t want get double job.. I just want to be player and captain of my club. I don’t want if I also be the leader of YPK. Its strange if I be the leader, and I be the Most Valuable Player…

Be the champion and be MVP are my dreams,. I will be make my dreams come true.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ohhh no!!! I dislike the subjects in Friday…!!!


Because the subjects are geographic, mathematic, and chemistry. It’s a very heavy subject… I dislike it because it makes me confused..

But, if we make a fun situation when study at class, we will enjoy the lessons. Yeah take it easy and simple bro… don’t be serious.=)

Although the subject is heavy, I must can get a good result when test. Because I want to enter a “science direction.” I think it is cool… and I fell a challenge in it. If you want relax and not confused when study, I give you one tip:”enter a ’social direction.’ in social direction, you will not confused because biology, physics, or chemistry. You just sit down and just know the lesson very well. I think it is the key to success in “social direction.”

I think, the key to success in science direction is, you must improve your thinking skill, you must have a good logic. And the last, you must study frequently. If you lazy, you lost.

I choice science direction, because I want to be doctor. In my mind, being a doctor is very great profession, because you will know much about your body. Be a doctor will make you rich… you will get a lot of money, and you can keep your own body health and fit. I think, doctor=perfect job.

Yeah, this is a way. If I want to be a doctor, I must do what I must do… I think I can..

One thing, I want to be a doctor for children!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The difference of Senior High School and Junior High School

I’m very happy today… do you want to know…?? Its just simple!!! You just must type “reg” (space) bordes and send to 4444. hahaha. I just kidding..

I’m very happy because since yesterday I decided to be happy… because, happy or not is your choice. You just choice happy or feel sad and inferior along day.. you must choice happy because life is just once… after you die, you cant life in this (beautiful) world again… so just be happy!!!

In this article I will discuss, a difference of senior high school (SHS) and junior high school (JHS) …

If I must choice to be a SHS’s student or JHS’s student, I WILL CHOICE BE A JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL’S STUDENT..!!!

Somebody tell me, when be SHS student is a great moment. Because, now we not wear a white-blue uniform, we wear white-purple uniform. And we can do anything every we want, with feel uninferior and shy like when we a JHS student…

Yeah I agree with that… but I have some reason that I prefer be JHS student than SHS student. First, be JHS student is very very fun… this is some reasons:
I love when I go to school at 7 o’clock.
I love when my friends make me laugh.
I love when I be the basketball superstar in my school.
I love when everybody respect with me.
I love when I popular.
And the last, Junior high school is full of moment about me and someone. hehehe.

But now when I be the SHS student, I cant do what I can when I was JHS. When I know that next few days I will be the SHS student, I feel sad, really really sad… I don’t know why… but I think because I really enjoy when I was JHS student,. Every moments when I Junior High School is unforgettable…

But I aware, I must moving forward. Don’t look back! Every you remember your beautiful moments. You can fall asleep. Wake up man!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be the YPK cup’s vice-leader

Now, I will be the optimistic boy than before… yeah,, I want to be better than before. I not want to feel alone again, because I know, I have a lot of friend… I not want to feel inferior again, because nobodys perfect… and I must respect and proud myself,. Love your self!!!

I was selected to be vice-leader of YPK cup committee. I was very happy, because it makes me fell trustworthy. And I feel ‘special’.hhehehe.

The plan is this year I be the vice-leader, and get some experience… and next year I will be the real leader. I don’t know why they select me?? Why they not select the other person…?

In fact, I fell not comfortable about this.. because sometime I want to be a real basketball player in the YPK cup. Not a double job… a committee and a player…

But I accept that.. I think, be a committee will be give me a experience. Maybe next 8years I make a largest basketball league in the world… I must positive thinking..

Ok, I think that’s all..

Please support me on 29th January 2009 at SMANSA basketball court. Because my team (YPK senior high school) will be get a basketball match. It is my team first match in the league. I repeat, it is a league!!! I must win, and I must get the trophy this year, and the last, I must be the great player in the league…

I will try hard to get it… I believe I can…

I remember a adidas’s motto: ‘Impossible is nothing.’

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the game tonight??

I will write my blog again..=)

Euuum, I want tell you apparently it’s hard to write a story or a article with English. Because, I not born at United Kingdom or United States. But, I still optimist I can speak English clearly. I still believe…

A few hours again, will be a super duper great match in ESPN, it’s football game. It’s premier league… the club are Manchester United versus Chelsea.. in fact I am fans of both teams. I confused will choose which one MU or Chelsea to support. Both of the team is very great team. I think MU and Chelsea are the best team forever ever… and Arsenal and Liverpool is second..

Last year in premier league, MU is the champion, and Chelsea is second position. But I respect to Chelsea, because Chelsea can get second position with Avram Grant, not Jose Mourinho.

And, in the same year, MU and Chelsea are met in the Champions League Final… MU and Chelsea play with good. And, finally they must do a penalty kick to choose the champion… and, MU won the game. I think if John Terry could make a goal from penalty, Chelsea will be the champion.. because previously, CR7 or Christiano Ronaldo is missed the penalty… MU is very lucky. But once again I respect to Chelsea for the work. I think Chelsea was do the best, but Chelsea is unlucky.

I hope the match will be entertaining and will be great like final game!!

See you…!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Make Blog and Learn English

Now, I will write my blog with English not with Indonesian like previously…


Because I want to improve my English skill, and I not join in English training center. I hope, my blog give me a benefit, not money, but I want to get skill to speak English. I really want to be able to speak English, because (for your info) now if you want to apply for a job in internet, if you just able to speak Indonesian, and you unable to speak English, you will get a lot of trouble. Because the form is make a English question, like where you address, etc…

I choose learn English in my blog. I mean, I write English in my blog to improve), I don’t have a lot of time to join a English Training Center. My time is full of schedule.. I always busy…hhaha. Don’t be serious… I just kid. I play basketball, join a math course, join a physics course, and join a chemistry course. The most waste my time is basketball, everyday I play basketball. Basketball, basketball, and basketball…

Euuum, maybe I think it’s enough for me to write my blog. I want to play basketball video game after this…hhe. I’m the basketball holic!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This is about my school

Akhirnya liburan selesai juga. Kemaren baru pertama masuk sekolah. Sangat menyenangkan sekali pertama masuk sekolah.. mau tau knapa?? Soalnya kalo pertama masuk sekolah tuh ga ada pelajaran..

Cuma upacara(oia tadi pas upacara, gue salah pake baju lagi, hrusny pake putih-putih kaya osis (coz gue osis), tapi gue malah pake putih-abuabu.hhe.) sama acara ketemu sama wali kelas. Itu pun pas ketemu ga serius” amat, smuanya pada ketawa”. Nikmatnya dunia...hhe.

Tapi jangan seneng dulu, besok baru ga enaknya sekolah. Mulai pusing” ma males”nya belajar lagi. Ya kalo libur kan bisa bangkong(walaupun bangkong gue paling pol Cuma pe stngah8) tp ttp aj nikmat pas tidur ga ada yg bgunin... trus bisa main NBA pe puas..hhe.ya tapi gmana lagi. kalo dah sekolah mau dapain lgi. Emang ga enak sih... tp kn buad masa depan juga,.=)

Tapi, ada sisi positifny juga lo kalo sekolah, kalo sekolah gue ngerasa punya bnyak temen... coz gue kya ga puny tmen baek yg bsa dajak maen PS, muter” komplek, dll lagi.. tmen baek gue dah pindah semua. Dulu gue ber-5 kompak banged tapi sekarang pisah semua satu ke STM, dua ke jogja, satu ke solo. Ah sudahlah tak usah liad ke belakang. Mndingan liad ke depan. hha.

Bersyukur aja lah kita bisa sekolah... di luar masih banyak anak” yg ga seberuntung gue, bisa sekolah di YPK. Mgkin dluar sana hrus ada yg kerja sendiri baru bisa sekolah. Ato bahkan diluar sana banyak orang yang putus sekolah, ato ga sekolah sama sekali...

Ya ternyata beruntung banged gue, yauda mgkin sgala yang ga enak itu kjelekan aja. Kn smua yg ddunia ini ga ada yg sempurna. Sesempurnanya seseorang ato sesuatu pasti ada kburukan yang mgkin blum bsa dliat.

Kn sempurna itu ya tidak sempurna...


Monday, January 5, 2009


Baru buad blog, tapi ceritanya dah kaya gitu. Hhe,

Jadi gini gue mo cerita aja tentang nasib sial gue hari sabtu kemaren. Kesialan gue tuh kena tilang. Gue ulangin lagi, kena TILANG.
Jadi gue niatnya mau ke rumahnya pak mul buad ngambil uang popda gue kemaren. Yang jumlahnya 500rbu.. trus gue naek mtor deh, pas lewad pos satpam gitu, gue agak laju biar polisinya gak liad gitu. Gue cuek aja lewad mereka.. tapi firasat gue jelek banged pas naek mtor. Dan ternyata, (ANJ**T) tuh polisi ngejar gue dari belakang. Wadoohh.......

Dan akhirnya dengan penuh perjuangan dan tetesan air mata, gue pun bayar denda gue 320ribu.(bisa buad beli baju and1 original tuh!!). ya karna gue ga mau nyusahin ortu gue, akhirnya gue ambil deh duid dari uang popda gue... fuh menyebalkan sekali.

Tapi ya gapapa buad belajar aja, kita ga usah sok”an deh ngelepas spion” segala, ato apa kek. Daripada kena tilang... kalo buad jalan” keliling komplek aja gpp lo ga pake spion bahkan kalo mau pe motornya lo brodolin, pake kenalpot yang suaranya bikin budeg telinga, ato pake klakson yang bisa bermacam” bunyi.(suara sapi, kambing, pernah gue denger ada lagux peterpan juga!) wah salud deh yang buad!.hha.

Kalo lo mau kaya yang diatas sih gapapa, tapi mesti di sekitar komplek aja. Kalo mau keluar, mendingan motor lo, lo lengakapin deh. Semuanya distandarin deh daripada kena apa” kaya gue!hhe..

Gue ditilang gara” ga pake spion(wajar), ga punya SIM(wajar), STNK gue expired (konyol)..

Sudahlah ga usah dipikirkan, bersyukur aja sudah dapet duitnya 200ribu. Daripada ga samasekali... mungkin itu memang rejeki mereka..(positive thinking) =)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Eehhhm…. Ni blog gue yang pertama, yang juga ini postingan gue yang pertama di-blog.

Oia, kalo di kelas kan kalo ada anak baru, pasti bakal ngenalin diri... nah gue juga mau ngenalin diri..(ga nyambung ya).hhe.

Gue Andreas Bordes Febrianurdi. Biasanya sih dipanggil ’Bordes’, ato ’Andre’ terserah aja mau manggil apa.

Gue masih skul di DIBS (Dahlia International Boarding School), obsesi gue di skul pengen masuk jurusan IPA (yang menurut gue lebih menantang), sama bisa banggain sekolah gue kalo ada pertandingan basket. Coz gue tu pmain basket... pmain basket amatir sih. Tp gue yakin gue bisa jadi pemain pro!! (proyek??)hha.

Kalo ada yg mau Tanya” lainnya,, langsung aja Tanya di friendster gue( ato YM gue (bordesmcgrady) ato nomer hape gue…0852xxxxxxx7.hhe.

Yaudah segini dulu… mau nonton ESPN, ada pertandingan basked gitu. Tapi college(antar universitas). Ntar gue posting lagi.

Buka Blog gue trus yayaya….hhehe.

Oia, Med Natal ma Tahun Baru ya…=)