Thursday, January 22, 2009

The difference of Senior High School and Junior High School

I’m very happy today… do you want to know…?? Its just simple!!! You just must type “reg” (space) bordes and send to 4444. hahaha. I just kidding..

I’m very happy because since yesterday I decided to be happy… because, happy or not is your choice. You just choice happy or feel sad and inferior along day.. you must choice happy because life is just once… after you die, you cant life in this (beautiful) world again… so just be happy!!!

In this article I will discuss, a difference of senior high school (SHS) and junior high school (JHS) …

If I must choice to be a SHS’s student or JHS’s student, I WILL CHOICE BE A JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL’S STUDENT..!!!

Somebody tell me, when be SHS student is a great moment. Because, now we not wear a white-blue uniform, we wear white-purple uniform. And we can do anything every we want, with feel uninferior and shy like when we a JHS student…

Yeah I agree with that… but I have some reason that I prefer be JHS student than SHS student. First, be JHS student is very very fun… this is some reasons:
I love when I go to school at 7 o’clock.
I love when my friends make me laugh.
I love when I be the basketball superstar in my school.
I love when everybody respect with me.
I love when I popular.
And the last, Junior high school is full of moment about me and someone. hehehe.

But now when I be the SHS student, I cant do what I can when I was JHS. When I know that next few days I will be the SHS student, I feel sad, really really sad… I don’t know why… but I think because I really enjoy when I was JHS student,. Every moments when I Junior High School is unforgettable…

But I aware, I must moving forward. Don’t look back! Every you remember your beautiful moments. You can fall asleep. Wake up man!!

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