Friday, January 23, 2009


Ohhh no!!! I dislike the subjects in Friday…!!!


Because the subjects are geographic, mathematic, and chemistry. It’s a very heavy subject… I dislike it because it makes me confused..

But, if we make a fun situation when study at class, we will enjoy the lessons. Yeah take it easy and simple bro… don’t be serious.=)

Although the subject is heavy, I must can get a good result when test. Because I want to enter a “science direction.” I think it is cool… and I fell a challenge in it. If you want relax and not confused when study, I give you one tip:”enter a ’social direction.’ in social direction, you will not confused because biology, physics, or chemistry. You just sit down and just know the lesson very well. I think it is the key to success in “social direction.”

I think, the key to success in science direction is, you must improve your thinking skill, you must have a good logic. And the last, you must study frequently. If you lazy, you lost.

I choice science direction, because I want to be doctor. In my mind, being a doctor is very great profession, because you will know much about your body. Be a doctor will make you rich… you will get a lot of money, and you can keep your own body health and fit. I think, doctor=perfect job.

Yeah, this is a way. If I want to be a doctor, I must do what I must do… I think I can..

One thing, I want to be a doctor for children!!!

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