Sunday, January 25, 2009

YPK V STM????? I quit???

I love when my clock showing me it is 11:00 pm. Because it is my time for write something. I very love write. It is my hobby… and I want my hobby able to give me a lot of money. Hehehe.=p.

Now, I will tell you something, Monday, 26 January 2009, I will play basketball. And I will play against STM. It is not a league match or for cup. It is just friendly match.. No matter, i will beat STM.

I will play hard to win that game.

I have some friend at STM, they are Alan and Jaya. They are funny friend, and they are STM’s player. Although they my friend, I never give they chance to win. Because, we friend in off court, but if we play basketball, we will be a enemy..

One thing, I will tell you.. I quit from YPK-vice leader for YPK cup.. I quit because I’m not ready if next year I will be the leader for YPK cup. I just want play basketball, I don’t want if I play basketball and also be the leader of the cup..

Yeah, I don’t want get double job.. I just want to be player and captain of my club. I don’t want if I also be the leader of YPK. Its strange if I be the leader, and I be the Most Valuable Player…

Be the champion and be MVP are my dreams,. I will be make my dreams come true.

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