Friday, January 30, 2009

Think out of the box

I really love this philosophy, “think out of the box.” It changes my life. Before I use it, my life is bored, and sooo lazy. I’m serious. Then, after I use it, I feel something new in my life, I feel better than before… and I enjoy my life very much.

I get the philosophy when I read a novel. The novel’s name is “5cm.” it changes my life.

I remember this:

You must brave to leave your “comfort zone.” You must moving forward, and face the trouble, and solve it. You must believe that you can do everything, and you’re the best.

And this is a philosophy from plato, I love this philosophy very much:

You must leave your cave. You are too long enjoy your life in it. Whereas, if you out from your cave you will found a lot of beautiful things. You will found river, tree, mountain, etc. it mean you must leave your routine and do something new, because you will meet something better than you stay in your “cave.”

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