Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Be the YPK cup’s vice-leader

Now, I will be the optimistic boy than before… yeah,, I want to be better than before. I not want to feel alone again, because I know, I have a lot of friend… I not want to feel inferior again, because nobodys perfect… and I must respect and proud myself,. Love your self!!!

I was selected to be vice-leader of YPK cup committee. I was very happy, because it makes me fell trustworthy. And I feel ‘special’.hhehehe.

The plan is this year I be the vice-leader, and get some experience… and next year I will be the real leader. I don’t know why they select me?? Why they not select the other person…?

In fact, I fell not comfortable about this.. because sometime I want to be a real basketball player in the YPK cup. Not a double job… a committee and a player…

But I accept that.. I think, be a committee will be give me a experience. Maybe next 8years I make a largest basketball league in the world… I must positive thinking..

Ok, I think that’s all..

Please support me on 29th January 2009 at SMANSA basketball court. Because my team (YPK senior high school) will be get a basketball match. It is my team first match in the league. I repeat, it is a league!!! I must win, and I must get the trophy this year, and the last, I must be the great player in the league…

I will try hard to get it… I believe I can…

I remember a adidas’s motto: ‘Impossible is nothing.’

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