Thursday, January 15, 2009

What the game tonight??

I will write my blog again..=)

Euuum, I want tell you apparently it’s hard to write a story or a article with English. Because, I not born at United Kingdom or United States. But, I still optimist I can speak English clearly. I still believe…

A few hours again, will be a super duper great match in ESPN, it’s football game. It’s premier league… the club are Manchester United versus Chelsea.. in fact I am fans of both teams. I confused will choose which one MU or Chelsea to support. Both of the team is very great team. I think MU and Chelsea are the best team forever ever… and Arsenal and Liverpool is second..

Last year in premier league, MU is the champion, and Chelsea is second position. But I respect to Chelsea, because Chelsea can get second position with Avram Grant, not Jose Mourinho.

And, in the same year, MU and Chelsea are met in the Champions League Final… MU and Chelsea play with good. And, finally they must do a penalty kick to choose the champion… and, MU won the game. I think if John Terry could make a goal from penalty, Chelsea will be the champion.. because previously, CR7 or Christiano Ronaldo is missed the penalty… MU is very lucky. But once again I respect to Chelsea for the work. I think Chelsea was do the best, but Chelsea is unlucky.

I hope the match will be entertaining and will be great like final game!!

See you…!!

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