Monday, January 26, 2009

My tips about NOVEL!! (novel’s lovers must read this!!)

Bring a novel or a story book to when you’re school is bad idea. Because it makes you hard to focus on teacher. That’s my experience…

This is the story:

I borrowed my friend’s novel at class. I think, I could not bored when the teacher teach you. In that’s day, I always read novel when “ppkn” lesson, and also when English lesson,.

When these lessons, I not focus on its. And I very very regret. I think not fair when I lost a lot of lesson, just for do not useful thing.

The novel’s title is “5cm”. I don’t know why the writer give “5cm” for the title. I will read the novel and know why the writer give “5cm” for the title… I will tell you when I finish the book.

The novel is about a friendship. My friend, who have this book said to me, “the book is very great. It is very inspiring. So, read it.” Yeah it’s true, when I read it, it is very fun, and full of philosophy. I love this book, because I love philosophy..

This is a main idea, please, don’t read novel when you are busy, or when you do something. Because when you do something, you must focus… do something with read something, I think it makes you get a poor result. Tips for all of you:
1. read novel at home! not school. Because school is the place to study!!
2. you must leave the novel at home, if you bring it to the school, it will be your problem. You will lost a lot of lessons…

Ok I think that’s all.. study, when you must study… and play when you must play,. Discipline is the key to success… you must remember it.

Tomorrow I will post my blog about my match against STM…(maybe) so, still open my blog.hehehe.

God Bless You All…

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